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How to Hire Simply the Best - Workbook

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How to Hire Simply the Best is a comprehensive guide that takes you through the hiring process from preparation to welcoming the new employee into your practice.

You will learn how to attract and motivate high performing individuals by creating a practice environment where values, goals and expectations are clearly defined.

After completing this book, you will be able to implement a three-step interview strategy that will ensure that your new employee is the right one for your practice.

When you use "How To Hire Simply The Best" you learn how to:

  • Create a practice philosophy which distinguishes your practice from others
  • Write ads that attract attention from motivated candidates
  • Develop a job description that outlines the employee’s responsibilities and your expectations
  • Ask screening questions to weed out inappropriate candidates early
  • Ask probing questions to reveal a job candidate’s true values, skills and attitudes
  • Make an offer and negotiate successfully

This guide represents the best of Pride Institute’s philosophy about hiring profitable employees. You will be able to refer to it again and again as you continue to hire “simply the best.”

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